Saturday, November 29, 2014

Let's Read Book Shop

Come and check out the amazing selection of books for all the family at the all new Let's Read Book Shop, Oman's first charity book shop. Books from 500 bzs to 2 rials. It will be opening its doors for the first time on Saturday 29th November from 10am to 1pm and from 5pm to 7pm at Shop No.116, on the first floor in the Al Qurum Complex (CCC). See you there! A book is a gift you can open more than once..

Message from the Spelligator's Team

Congratulations to all the quarter-finalists to have qualified this year from a whooping 9000 plus total participants. All the best to the other kids, who did not qualify, to be a little more better prepared for next year.

Upon the request from the Ministry of Education, the Quarterfinals and Semifinals and also the Finals have to be moved to another suitable date. 

We will keep everyone informed on the next date, soon after the confirmation from the Ministry.

Pardon us for this change..

Spelligator's Team

If you have never failed, you have never tried anything new...

Monday, November 3, 2014

Finalists of Spelligators Competition

Spelligator's Oman in association with Ministry of Education and Anita & Partners Co. LLC conducted the Spelligator's Competition 2014 at Sri Lankan School Muscat. Over 300 students took part in the competition from Year 5 to Year 13 in three different levels. 

These are the finalists from SLSM who will be competing with other schools in Oman in the near future. 

Good luck finalists!

Level 1 

  1. Migara Rodrigo - 7 G
  2. Tariq Nazeem - 7 R
  3. Anusha Arif - 7 R
  4. Rachel Vivekan - 7 B
  5. Abdul Hakam Fawzeer - 7 G
  6. Terence Rayan - 6 R
  7. Anuam Sana - 7 B
  8. Devin Wijayananda - 6 G
  9. A. M. Kaisan - 7 R
  10. Mithun Sivanesan - 6 B
  11. Muhamad Mansur - 7 G 

Level 2 

  1. Dhanushan Gnanendran - 10 G
  2. Movin Wijayananda - 10 B
  3. Anas Ashraf - 10 G
  4. Annabel Edet - 8 B
  5. Yazid Makoon - 8 G
  6. Sehara De Alwis - 9 B
  7. Lukman Hassan - 9 G
  8. Tahani Nazeem - 9 R
  9. Zehan Kabir - 10 B
  10. Himansa Kahandagamage - 9 R

Level 3

  1. Rebecca Vivekan - 11 G
  2. Saumiya Pathmaraj - 11 B
  3. Haneeka Ali - 13 Sci
  4. Manul Jayawardahana - 12 Sci
  5. Ashna Ashraf - 11 G
  6. Mishelle Talawinna - 12 BS 
  7. Sameer Shafique - 12 Sci
  8. Reel Salah - 11 G
  9. Sachithma De Zoysa - 11 B

Spelligator's Competitions - Level 1 - 3

Spelligator's Oman successfully conducted the preliminary round at Sri Lankan School Muscat. Students from year 5 to 13 participated in three different levels. 

Photo Credits: Spelligator's Oman

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Power of Ambition

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it..."

Dinukshi Samarawaickrama, a student of Year 11 has published a newspaper article on "The Week". 

She believes in her power of Ambition, do you? 

Click here to read the article...

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sinhala Society Inaugural Meeting

Sinhala Society held its inaugural meeting on the 30th September 2014 in the school main hall. The members appointed the office bearers before commencing the scheduled programme. The Principal and the Deputy Principal graced the meeting with their presence. 

The students displayed their talents by singing, reciting poems and telling stories. The most significant item on agenda was the friendly debate conducted by year 10 and year 11 students in Sinhala. Ms. Anjali Chandima and Ms. Ruwandini Karunanayaka are the teachers who inspired the children with this new method of holding a Sinhala Society. 

We wish the office bearers and the teachers in charge all the best in their future club activities. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Auditions - Broadcasting Unit

The Broadcasting of SLSM has called the new members for auditions which will be held on the 1st of October 2014 from 2.30 pm. Those who would like to join the club, submit your name to Ms. Saranga Fonseka before 30th September. 

SLSM Gavel Club - Inuagural Meeting

The Gavel Club of Sri Lankan School Muscat has commenced its operations from Saturday 20th of September. 

Gavel Club Officers' Appointment

To mark the new academic year the members of the SLSM Gavel club nominated the club officers. 

President                - Movin Wijayananda

VP Education           - Lukman Hassan

VP Membership        - Imaad Sally

VP Public Relations  - Danial Khan

Secretary                - Faraz Arkam

Treasurer                - Hasith Mendis

Sergeant at Arm      - Lakindu Senthila Perera 

TIC (Counselors)      - Ms. Anjalie Chandima and Mr. Indika Rodrigo

New Beginning

The Department of Languages warmly welcome the two newly joined teachers. 

Ms. Ruwandini Karunarathna - Teacher of Sinhala 

Mr. Indika Rodrigo - Teacher of English 

We wish them all the best in their future endeavors. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Race of the human race

The whole of human race
Is competing with each other
In a bloody deathly race
Killing, stabbing and back stabbing
Dragging other people down
To get just one step ahead
Pushing others out of the way
To reduce the struggle around
We all keep running the race
Like mad dogs that can’t think
We run behind our own illusions
To quench the thirst that never ends
We are still running
Yet don’t see that none of us
Has yet been to the finishing line
Because we all die halfway
The finishing line is within your reach
But you keep running all your life
Probably In the wrong direction, behind illusions
But never realize that you are running away from it.
The thirst
Quench and the mirage…
Goes on forever…
We are not thirsty

Sandu Thisaranee Jayasinghe

Year 12 Sci, Sri Lankan School, Muscat

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Congrats Young Writers - Cubscribe - Best Design

The team of Sri Lankan School Muscat has won the award for the Best Design in Cubscribe, young writers' competition which was conducted by Muscat Daily.
The team consists of following students, 
1. Mohamed Nour
2. Saumiyaa Pathmaraj
3. Hasith Mendis
4. Wenogk Fernando 
5. Nikinidu Wickramasinghe
6. Supunika Perera 

Best wishes to the Teacher - in -charge Mrs. Tamara Waduge.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Gavel Club - Inaugural Meeting

Sri Lankan School Muscat organizes its first ever Gavel Club meeting on Friday the 6th June for its members. A demo session was conducted by the Gaveliers of sister schools and  the session was lighted up with the Table Topic session. 

We would like to pay our gratitude towards the Division Governor and other members of the Toastmasters Club for their assistance and guidance.