Blooming Buds

Race of the human race

The whole of human race
Is competing with each other
In a bloody deathly race
Killing, stabbing and back stabbing
Dragging other people down
To get just one step ahead
Pushing others out of the way
To reduce the struggle around
We all keep running the race
Like mad dogs that can’t think
We run behind our own illusions
To quench the thirst that never ends
We are still running
Yet don’t see that none of us
Has yet been to the finishing line
Because we all die halfway
The finishing line is within your reach
But you keep running all your life
Probably In the wrong direction, behind illusions
But never realize that you are running away from it.
The thirst
Quench and the mirage…
Goes on forever…
We are not thirsty

Sandu Thisaranee Jayasinghe

Year 12 Sci, Sri Lankan School, Muscat

Watching the world from their innocence

Walking around the world
Trying to find reasons
Tears streaming down their faces
Minds faraway from reality
Shut in the dark
Watching the world from their innocence

Thinking they can move pass this
But every time they see the sunshine
Reality hits them.
Love and care is faraway
Humanity is hidden from them
Watching the world from their innocence. 

Written by: Sachini Dolawatta
                  Kanza Shaheed
                  Sachithma De Zoysa
                  Nipuni Kawya


I was dumped in an unknown barren land,
Thrown like a heap of garbage,
 Born without love and affection 
And now I understand life. 

Days passed within a blink of an eye
And I knew how to stand on my feet,
Without any training 
I now understand the reality of LIFE

I know how to feed my own stomach 
By working in the strong, bright day light 
People speak about child labour but this wold is unknown to me 
Because now understand the reality of LIFE... 

Composed by: Wenogk Fernando 
                     Mohommed Tabish 
                     Hasith Mendis
                     Trevon Fonseka